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no This user is a native speaker of Norwegian
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This {{User no}} template can be used to display a contributor's Norwegian language skill and level of ability on their user page. For userboxes for different languages see Category:Language Userboxes or use the {{Userbox-lang}}.

Parameters[edit source]

The template has one unnamed parameter and one named parameter.

Unnamed parameters[edit source]

  1. The (optional) unnamed parameter is a number to indicate the level of ability in this language. If this parameter is omitted the wording for native speaker will be displayed.
    • 0 = limited or no ability
    • 1 = basic
    • 2 = intermediate
    • 3 = advanced
    • 4 = near-native
    • 5 = professional

Named parameters[edit source]

This (optional) parameter can be used to define a skill other than speaking, for example reading or writing. If omitted the default is speaking.

Examples[edit source]

Using different ability levels[edit source]

Using English as an example the following shows the range of abilities that can be choosen.

Ability You type You get
Native ability

{{User no}}

no This user is a native speaker of Norwegian
Professional ability

{{User no|5}}

no-5 This user is a professional speaker of Norwegian
Near-native ability

{{User no|4}}

no-4 This user is a near-native speaker of Norwegian
Advanced ability

{{User no|3}}

no-3 This user is an advanced speaker of Norwegian
Intermediate ability

{{User no|2}}

no-2 This user is an intermediate speaker of Norwegian
Basic ability

{{User no|1}}

no-1 This user is a basic speaker of Norwegian
Limited ability

{{User no|0}}

no-0 This user does not understand Norwegian (or understands it with considerable difficulty).

Using different skills[edit source]

Situation You type You get
Intermediate reader speaker

{{User no|2|skill=reader}}

no-2 This user is an intermediate reader of Norwegian
Professional reader and writer

{{User no|5|skill=reader and writer}}

no-5 This user is a professional reader and writer of Norwegian
Basic reader, writer and speaker

{{User no|1|skill=reader, writer and speaker}}

no-1 This user is a basic reader, writer and speaker of Norwegian