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{{US state navigation box/doc}} is a meta-template used for each U.S. state, territory, and the District of Columbia navbox.

Parameters[edit source]

Mandatory[edit source]

The name of the template, which is needed for the "view • talk • edit" links to work properly on all of the pages where the template is used on. You can enter {{subst:PAGENAME}} for this value as a shortcut.
Combines the {{{type}}} and {{{name}}} parameters.
Image to appear at the top left of the template in the titlebar. Only supply the image name, not the full wiki syntax. Example:
flag_image = Flag of New York.svg
Subtitle to appear at the left of each bodyn
There are a total of 8 group/list pairs, so you can use up to group8 and list8. Additional items can easily be added to the template if needed.

Optional[edit source]

Lists the capital below the state
Changes the default background color for the main title and sidebar titles, i.e.
color = #2e8b57
Working examples: {{California}}, {{Maryland}}, and {{Pennsylvania}}.
Changes the default text color for the main title and sidebar titles. Note that you will still need to manually change the color of any wikilinks using a span tag, i.e.
[[List of Nevada counties|<span style="color:#ffd700;">Counties</span>]]
Working examples: {{Nevada}}, {{Maine}}, and {{Hawaii}}.
Used for the seat of government for {{American Samoa}}.
state [autocollapse, uncollapsed, collapsed]
autocollapse: (default) the navigation box will start out collapsed if there are two or more collapsible tables on the same page.
collapsed : the navigation box will always start out in a collapsed state.
expanded or blank : always start out in an expanded state.
Used only on {{District of Columbia}} to say "Capital of the United States" since DC has no capital.
Adds an image to the right of the body area. Use only if there is a lot of extra whitespace at the right side of the body area (for example Template:Hawaii or Template:American Samoa). It is recommended to use a map to fill the space, similar to Template:US county navigation box. Example:
image = [[Image:example.jpg|250px]]

Example[edit source]

Code[edit source]

{{US state navigation box
| name    = [[Nevada|<span style="color:black">Nevada</span>]]
| type    = [[U.S. state|<span style="color:>State</span>]]
| capital = [[Carson City, Nevada|<span style="color:>Carson City</span>]]
| color    = silver
| text_color    = black
| flag_image    = Nevada flag.png
| flag_caption  = Flag of Nevada
| template_name = Nevada

| group1 = Nevada counties
| body1 =  
{{Nowrap|{{AutoLink|Churchill County, Nevada Genealogy|Churchill}} {{!}}}}
{{Nowrap|{{AutoLink|Clark County, Nevada Genealogy|Clark}} {{!}}}}
{{Nowrap|{{AutoLink|Douglas County, Nevada Genealogy|Douglas}} {{!}}}}
{{Nowrap|{{AutoLink|Elko County, Nevada Genealogy|Elko}} {{!}}}}
{{Nowrap|{{AutoLink|Esmeralda County, Nevada Genealogy|Esmeralda}} {{!}}}}
{{Nowrap|{{AutoLink|Eureka County, Nevada Genealogy|Eureka}} {{!}}}}
{{Nowrap|{{AutoLink|Humboldt County, Nevada Genealogy|Humboldt}} {{!}}}}
{{Nowrap|{{AutoLink|Lander County, Nevada Genealogy|Lander}} {{!}}}}
{{Nowrap|{{AutoLink|Lincoln County, Nevada Genealogy|Lincoln}} {{!}}}}
{{Nowrap|{{AutoLink|Lyon County, Nevada Genealogy|Lyon}} {{!}}}}
{{Nowrap|{{AutoLink|Mineral County, Nevada Genealogy|Mineral}} {{!}}}}
{{Nowrap|{{AutoLink|Nye County, Nevada Genealogy|Nye}} {{!}}}}
{{Nowrap|{{AutoLink|Pershing County, Nevada Genealogy|Pershing}} {{!}}}}
{{Nowrap|{{AutoLink|Storey County, Nevada Genealogy|Storey}} {{!}}}}
{{Nowrap|{{AutoLink|Washoe County, Nevada Genealogy|Washoe}} {{!}}}}
{{Nowrap|{{AutoLink|White Pine County, Nevada Genealogy|White Pine}} }}

| group2 = Former counties
| body2 =  
{{Nowrap|{{AutoLink|Bullfrog County, Nevada Genealogy|Bullfrog}} {{!}}}}
{{Nowrap|{{AutoLink|Ormsby County, Nevada Genealogy|Ormsby}} {{!}}}}
{{Nowrap|{{AutoLink|Roop County, Nevada Genealogy|Roop}} }}


Result[edit source]