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Usage[edit source]

{{Str sub long/doc |text|start|length}} = Substring of text starting at start and containing length characters. Base 0: the first character is numbered 0, and so on, e.g. {{str sub long|20090624130510|8|2}} returns the 2 characters starting at the 9th, i.e. "13"

start + length must be less than 100. The template operates on an extended character set.

Str character set documentation, plus accented letters and other diacritics.

Limitations[edit source]

A string is limited to 500 total characters, but the substring can only span the first 100 characters. The presence of certain characters in the input may cause unexpected results, so tlx Str_sub/any should be used to handle any possible character. Otherwise, there can be problems with some special characters. For example, tlx Str sub long|abc%def|2|3 → Str sub long abc%def 2 3 works as desired, whereas if the output string contains any of :;*# the results are not as desired:
tlx Str sub/any|abc:def|2|3 → Str sub/any|abc:def|2|3
{{Str sub long|abc:def|2|3}} → c


{{Str sub long|abc;def|2|3}} → c


{{Str sub long|abc*def|2|3}} → c

  • d

{{Str sub long|abc#def|2|3}} → c

  1. d

See also[edit source]

  • {{Str sub}}
  • {{Str sub long}} - allows 100 characters, but not ":" or ";" or "*"
  • Tl|Str sub/any  - allows any character, such as ":" or ";" or "*" or "#"
  • String templates see also