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This template generates a link to an alternate language of the page.

Usage[edit source]

Use this on Template:H-langs:NAMEOFPAGE style pages. Always finish off with a {{edi|NAMEOFTEMPLATE}}, so that you have an edit link and a "terminator" required by older layouts. For details see Help page footer templates.

If the language code passed in is the same as the CONTENTLANG, the language text is automatically made bold and will not be a link.

Syntax[edit source]

  • {{ill|name of page|Language code of page}}
  • {{ill|name of page|Language code of page|dir=rtl}}

Examples[edit source]

Example of a template using this technique

evaldemo ParserFunctions s==.


Templates using ill on separate lines can't be used within a list, e.g.

evaldemo H-langs:Link|:

Ph:MediaWiki help policy