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Purpose[edit source]

Note: This template is not intended to be used on article pages. For that purpose, see {{H-langs}} instead.

This template can be used on talk pages and user pages, although the same result can be accomplished by creating an external link. An external link has the added benefit of being able to display a link different than that of the page name.

This template was originally created so that links to pages in other languages can be included in templates, such as translation templates.

Use[edit source]

This template will generate a link to a page on one of the Non-English versions of Research Wiki.

It is similar to the {{ill}} template that is used for the "H-langs" template, except that it return a link displaying that page name, rather than a link displaying the language name. (note: "ill" uses the reverse order in its parameters)

If the language code passed in is the same as the CONTENTLANG, the language text is automatically made bold and will not be a link.

Syntax[edit source]

  • {{ill-2|Language code of page|name of page}}
  • {{ill-2|Language code of page|name of page|dir=rtl}}

Examples[edit source]