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This is the {{FSbook}} template. This template is used for formatting the text and links for FamilySearch Books Online (aka "Family History Books) generally used in source citations. Only one parameter is required, the book's ID number.

When you search "Family History Books" at https://books.familysearch.org/primo_library/libweb/action/search.do?vid=FHD_PUBLIC for a title, you will find the book's ID number in the URL. Enter this number in the template as the first parameter.

For example, the Wikitext: {{FSbook|78886}}
will appear as FamilySearch Digital Library on a saved Wiki page, and link to the online edition.

Optional display parameter. If you care to change what displays to readers, use the |disp= following the ID number. Whatever you type after the equals mark will be the phrase the reader sees as the link.

the Wikitext: {{FSbook|78886|disp=xyz}}
will appear as xyz on a saved Wiki page, and be linked to the online edition by that phrase.