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This is the {{cat handler/blacklist}} sub-template.

Do not use this template directly, use {{cat handler}} instead. This template is called from {{cat handler}}, see user documentation there.

But if you came here to see or update the category suppression blacklist, then you are in the right place.

Updating the blacklist[edit source]

This template contains a blacklist of the pages and page types where templates should not auto-categorize. This blacklist is used by {{cat handler}} to decide when not to categorize. To update the blacklist, edit this template.

This template uses {{if pagename}} to do the pagename-detection, thus see {{if pagename}} for the syntax to use for the blacklist rules.

When this template is placed on a page that should not categorize, then it should return "hide". And when placed on any other page it should return an empty string.

Testing the blacklist[edit source]

There are two ways you can test what this blacklist returns for a page:

You can put this template on the page you want to test, and see what output it produces. You can use edit preview, no need to save. Like this:

+{{cat handler/blacklist}}+

Which here on this page returns this:


The ++ used here is a simple way to make it visible when a template returns an empty string.

Or you can feed the pagename you want to test to this template. Then you can do all the testing for instance on the ns|page1|page2/testcases|/testcases subpage of this template. Like this:

+{{cat handler/blacklist| page = User:Example }}+
+{{cat handler/blacklist| page = User:Example/Archive 5}}+

Which returns this:


Technical details[edit source]

Currently this template is only called from {{cat handler}}, and indirectly from all templates that use {{cat handler}}. But in the future this template might also be directly called from other templates similar to {{cat handler}}. This means we can update the category suppression blacklist in one place.

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