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Also consult the WikiProject English Parish page for advise on how the parish pages are developing.

Parish Page[edit source]

Some basic information to be included on each parish page

Parish History or Description

As a temporary measure there is currently extracts of gazetteers in the parish history section. As the parish history section is developed gazetteer extracts are to be moved down into are Maps and Gazetteer section.
Note: National Gazetteers usually offer short and undescriptive notations about a parish. Note them in the National Gazetteers section as such Metfield, Suffolk -- Maps and Gazetteers. Other Sources maybe found in the Suffolk History Section. The primary sources used to write a history will be, Suffolk Gazetteers, National Gazetteers, and census population data, and other sources found and noted below in the Resource Section

  1. Resource Section
    • Link to Catalogue - directly to the Parish: Most of the parishes have this code - {{H:title|copy and paste Parish link from FHL Catalogue to this place. |Suffolk_in_the_FHL_Catalog|label= the parish |link=yes|dotted=yes|external=no}} replace with {{FHL|England%2C+Suffolk%2C+Metfield|subject|disp=Metfield}} - change the parish name from Metfield to any other parish in Suffolk to link to that parish in the catalogue.
    • Link to Suffolk_Archives_and_Libraries
  2. Civil Registration
  3. Church Records
  4. Census Records
  5. History
    • See Suffolk History: add this section: note events that took place in the parish or affected the parish
  6. Probate Records
  7. Maps and Gazetteers

Also in this section a geographic map may be appropriate or under the parish history.