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I've learned a few things trying to get the whole page encapsulated in a single, bordered table.

The primary thing is that if you edit the table incorrectly, so as to confuse the wikitext editor, the editor tends to remove the parts it does not understand.  So, a minor change in an table element or new line, often deletes huge amounts of previous work.

So, I'm breaking the sections into separate tables.  That way, an error does not delete so much, and it's much easier to repair the damage.

Jimmyk418 21:26, 23 August 2010 (UTC)

I propose to change the name of this page to Orange County California Family History Center because that is the actual name of the center. This page is incorrect.

The FamilySearch headquarters now refers to this center as the

"Orange County, California, FamilySearch Library" (May 2013)