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Questions about the 8 link boxes at the head of the page:

Row 1
Box 1 - ok
Box 2 - points to 2018 Library Closure Dates
Box 3 - points to Stake and Ward Temple and Family History Leadership Callings.pdf
Box 4 - points to Family History Guide (may be what's intended, but I put it here in case not)

Row 2
Box 1 - points to Aug 2014 entry
Box 2 - same as row 1 box 3
Box 3 - points to Ogden Utah temple page
Box 4 - points to Ogden Utah temple page

Also, 3 of the 6 Zoom meetings listed under 'Ogden FamilySearch Center Online Classes' are missing complete address for the links, and show '[addressFamilySearch: ', with no active link connection