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I added a section for internet resources. I added it first since we are on the internet already and that seems to be the place that most people go to first these days (I understand this series was written back in the 90s.) However, it doesn't need to be first. But there are probably many additional ways that internet resources could be tied into the text of the main page. I just wanted to get the "50 most popular" link in there as part of this series of articles. janellv 14:14, 5 April 2011 (UTC)

FHC[edit source]

Not all FHCs have the equipment and programs that are described in this article. This article implies that all FHCs are made equal. They are not.  Many ward FHCs have the minimum 1 computer and that is it. No readers, copiers or books. And internet connections are spotty at best.  It is wrong to imply all are the same.  Stake FHCs may have more equipment or readers. Most ward and stake FHCs are open only a few hours a week making them functionally useless to most people. Especially to non-members. 

The description of FHCs given in this article actually refers to the large multistake FHCs and those are only a very small fraction of the almost 4500 FHCs claimed.