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Questions about the possible lack of detail in this article[edit source]

Please bear with me this is my first contribution to any wiki ever.

My biggest question about this record, which I feel is important or I wouldn't be doing this, is how much of the population of Ireland might be covered by these Applotment books.

My ancestor was a blacksmith, I wonder if I am only going to find farmers here?

The page talks about "landowners" I have no idea if my ancestor owned land, if he didn't maybe he wouldn't show up anyway?

In the "Record Description" it mentions "The books list about 40 percent of families heads." Why? because the books only cover northern Ireland? Because it only covers farmers? because it only covers land owners? because some of the records were lost or unreadable?

I see the section "Tips to Keep in Mind" maybe that is a place to mention some of this? Again I am new to wiki contributing, I have just found, in my retirement, that I am using this resource more.

I know that my dilemma is the same for every record available, just thought I would chime in for a change.

Dorksparky 16:40, 14 August 2015 (UTC) RandyC

The tithe was a land-based tax so it only applied to those living in rural areas. The tax did not apply to inhabitants of the cities or larger towns. It generally only lists land owners so some farmers may not even be listed. It is highly unlikely that you would find a blacksmith in these records. It covers about 40% of the population because only about 40% of the total population are heads of households and owned land.
The tax was collected for the years between 1823 and 1837. The monies were used to support the Church of Ireland in rural areas. However, all rural land owners were taxed regardless of their religion or faith.
Additional information on tax records is available in the wiki article [Ireland Taxation]. TimothyNB 18:37, 20 August 2015 (UTC)

Thank you for your info TimothyNB, I have just blundered onto it, only because I got a notification this morning that someone had edited the wiki, I never got a notification that you had commented here, I also discovred a message from a welcoming commitee that I never knew came :)

Anyway thank you, that helps