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Under the list of Pueblos, why isn't the Zuni Pueblo listed? The other 18 are there, but not Zuni. Also, the other pueblos have their language group listed last on each line. Zuni is not connected to any of the other Pueblo language groups. Maybe that is why it is not on the list. As a resident of New Mexico, we recognize all nineteen Pueblos. This list only recognizes 18.

The list of Indian Schools is also a little confusing. What is considering the Navajo Indian School? Navajos were sent all over the place, not just one school, and all over the US. Two schools were left out: St. Catherine's and Ramona  Indian Schools in Santa Fe, NM. LDS film #1275625 has some records from both of those schools.                                                                                                                 

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Under the list of recognized tribes, there is also some confusing information. First of all, the name Canoncito was changed to Tohajillee many years ago.  Also, Puertocito is the old name for Alamo Navajo Reservation. I think they should be combined on one line.  One more thing, what is the entry that has:

Navajo Reservation: Apache Tribe

What is that?

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