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Talk:Genealogy Management Software at Family History Centers

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Is there a way to tell what date this content was created? The opening looks like it was a news release from the FH Dept Would it be appropriate for me to edit the article and add reference to nFS and at least a link to the genealogical management software list on the nFS sign in page Currently there is no reference to Family Insight only PAF Insight

I think this wiki is great!

Genealogy Management Software[edit source]

This information may allow me to "test drive" some of the different software management programs that are commercially available.  Being new to Family History and adding more and more information using the computer is essential.  But which one should I use.  knowing that different programs are available for me to evaluate will allow me to make an informed decision on my own.

Next stop, the nearby Family History Center to see what they have available.

Page is mis-titled[edit source]

This page should be titled "Genealogy Management Software at Family History Centers."  It tells me nothing about which software I should use.  There are many, many programs out there, and lots of them are not available at a Family History Center -- especially for the Mac.