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The title Province is fault, the real is Old Provinces

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Old Content[edit source]

File ORP France3.png France Online Genealogy Records

Getting started with French research[edit source]

See the tutorials at the FamilySearch Learning Center on basic French Researchand on Reading French Handwritten Records.

History of France[edit source]

See the Facebook page "Histoire de France - sites et blogs" for more information.

Research Tools[edit source]


Did you know?[edit source]

  • The archives of most of the départements (states) in France and 60 French cities have digitized a wide range of historical records and made them available online. Additional French archives are coming online monthly. Records available often include birth, marriage, and death records, cadastral and other land records, military records, censuses, and more. Click here to see the latest updates.
  • French national censuses are seldom used for primary research by most family historians, and many have not been microfilmed.
  • Some French military records begin as early as the 1500s. Records since the 19th century may include information about an ancestor's military career, such as promotions, places served, pensions, and conduct. In addition, these records may include information about his age, birthplace, residence, occupation, physical description, and family members. This is the link to France's Military Archive.