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MeetingPlace meetings[edit source]

Can someone direct me to a description of how an Admin meeting is implemented?  It sounds like it is a recording and my phone is I'm not sure. I'm not familiar with any way other that online chat. My laptop doesn 't have a microphone that I know of.  - Debbie

Debbie, Thanks for your question. We post the details before each meeting on the Facebook group for admins. We provide a link that you can click and enter your phone number. It will connect you to a chatroom through the Internet on your computer and will call the phone number you enter so you can have audio. You will be able to hear the meeting through your phone. I use my cell phone with combination earbuds and a mic. It works well. You can also mute yourself and just listen. #5 on the phone will do that. There is a chatroom in the web part of the meeting. Sometimes presenters will share their screens or some other visual aid through the web conference. It might sound complicated, but you just follow the link and then it will put you in the chat and call whatever number you provide. The recording is for people who miss the meeting and want to watch it later. --McCormickMW 00:32, 27 May 2012 (UTC)

Regional admins queries[edit source]

Some observations on the regional admins - Missouri and Texas are listed in two groups. The Scandinavia group should probably be renamed Nordic as Scandinavia does not include Finland. Some communities are not listed: African American (United States); American Indian (Southeastern United States); Youth / Young Adult. Which admins are looking after these? --Steve (talk| contribs) 18:01, 4 June 2012 (UTC)

Thanks for the name changes to the pages, the new badge at the top of all GRC related pages, the new sortable table listing communities on Facebook, and noticing where the articles fall short here. I really like what you've done! I fixed the Missouri and Texas problem as well as the 3 communities with no region. As far as renaming Scandinavia to Nordic, I would like more feedback before I do that because I followed the pattern followed by ICAPGen. --McCormickMW 20:35, 4 June 2012 (UTC)

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