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Coverage Table[edit source]

A coverage table has been added to this collection indicating which parishes have been published in the collection so far. Dorothy Horan, User Guidance Supervisor 16:54, 29 July 2013 (UTC)

Henry995 It would be helpful to indicate the content of the collection in view of the size of the county and diocese and the extent to which the collection will cover the diocesan parishes. Are the Bishop's transcripts to be published?

Parish pages for the intended publication are in progress hopefully in time for publication. Lewes Poor Law Union, Sussex and parishes are already available.

CliveJ Chichester Poor Law Union, Sussex parishes available PR and BT's are included in Church Records section for most parishes 

Henry995 Uckfield Parish church has BT's only we believe- refer to the Library catalogue and you show no parish registers but several typed transcripts which presumably are not intended for publication online. Uckfield has only IGI non-conformist batches we believe. This suggests either omission from the Catalogue or you have BT's in the films for conversion ( unless the other typed transcripts are permitted for online publication) There are other examples like this take a look at the Hove parishes which have only deposited BT's at West Sussex Record Office. If you have parish registers for Hove you are using East Sussex Record Office holdings.

User:TimothyNB Anglican parish registers were acquired from the East and West Sussex Record Offices under multiple projects. The source list contains a total of (263) unique rolls of microfilm - (231) of these rolls of microfilm have never been extracted. The remaining rolls have only partial indexes and should be re-indexed as a part of this project. The contract with the East and West Record Offices limit the publication of images based on the following restrictions: 1) No Print/Download; 2) Watermark required; 3) FamilySearch patrons (K2a). Because of these restrictions, and because of the need for 'new' FSI projects for the British Isles, we propose to move this forward as "Publish Index" only.

Trike Uckfield and Hove parish registers added. the Hove parishes require page creations as only one pre 1851 page was created  The Sussex Parishes page omits Worthing parishes If an index is to be prepared this page would benefit from a contents table of the parishes to form the index. FamilySearch publishes indexes without content or year coverage information which results in a confused and frustrating search for users. If a content table were provided contributors could form page content to support the eventual publication.

Henry995 Hastings Parishes and Poor law Union commenced. Initial pages commenced for all outlying parishes in this group; remaining clusters are Brighton, Worthing and Horsham and the single page for Arundel, Sussex   This leaves 13 parishes of the 64 identified in 263 rolls of microfilm Thanks Team!Volunteers for a contents table welcome.

CliveJ The help of Sussex photographer and historian enables me to create pages for Brighton, Hove but this will take some time as the existing Sussex Parishes page and the East and West derivatives need updating. The 1851 cut off affects several parish histories in Brighton and Hove.  Coverage of the parishes included in the Indexing project as index only referred to above can readily be achieved; the other page creations will take longer and I can create a content table as we progress with Brighton and Hove. The Poor Law Union page for Brighton and others will be added this week. Incidentally New Brighton is in Wallasey Cheshire and if included in microfilm for this project is in danger of being indexed in the wrong county. Hopefully this can be resolved before FamilySearch Indexing publish images. Thanks Henry for raising this problem in email. I echo the concern about lack of contents tables for Indexing projects. The confusion about New Brighton Wallasey Cheshire and Brighton parishes in Sussex suggests that contributors to wiki can assist to identify these issues early in the process. Since we are local historians we can spot wrongly picked films for projects.

Henry995 Clive the New Brighton index was undertaken a couple of years ago it is possible to search in the Cheshire parish registers collection. We simply ignore the error I think but did feedback the issue by email. Brighton post 1851 is complicated due to growth in not only Anglican parishes but all other churches. The wiki layout is fine for Anglican Ancient Parishes but weak on Ecclesiastical Parishes (let's not go to civil parishes!) and each town in England has the same issue. Wallasey has 65 churches so that involves a large page creation which is off the radar of the county parish page and relies on the search engine. The deposited record approach will produce the pages from the Record Offices and will also pick up the shortlived church like the famous ballroom>church>deaf centre>homeless persons centre in Brighton. Much of FamilySeach is like a building site where some bits work already and others await construction. Everything helps and there is the ability to edit anything contributed in wiki so layered contributions will help researchers.

Henry995 There is another error in the parish list provided. I have completed the Horsham page creations with Arundel and Horsham Poor Law pages created. Horsham St Faith with Newton St Faith, Norfolk is not a parish in Sussex and will presumably be included in the FamilySearch Indexing project for Norfolk parishes. I think that it may be worth including content tables in the request for contributors in order that these errors can be identified before images are offered as FamilySearch Indexing projects to prevent wrong films being picked for Indexers.

CliveJ The stub for Worthing has now been developed to form links to all town chapels and churches. Worthing, Sussex offers all churches in the town only 2 of which (both post 1851) are intended to be indexed within the first phase of this indexing effort.This appears to cover all of the parishes notified for this project at present.The parish register and BT details need to be added to recent parish page creations and it is now possible to link all parishes to Poor Law Unions which are larger than the England Jurisdictions 1851 parishes suggest. Worthing is a good example of how few pre 1851 parishes reflect the actual number of parishes in towns or cities. East Sussex Parishes West Sussex Parishes need considerable revision to reflect parishes after 1851.

Work is now underway by two groups one for West Sussex the other for East Sussex with overlaps to Surrey and Kent. In working the West Sussex parishes I have overlapped Hampshire and Surrey where appropriate for civil registration purposes. The Sussex Census and Surrey Census pages were found to be dramatically deficient requiring over 75% of entries to be reworked in order to link to the Family History Library Catalogue for each place. They link to parish material but do not link directly to census microfilming which presumably was the purpose of creating such large pages. Parishes now contain church history links, listed building entry links and the Sussex Online Parish Clerks(OPC) linked page which identifies all churches in the Anglican and civil parish. It is hoped in future to add record sources held at both county archives for parish registers and Bishop's transcripts.

Previously added copyright material from two online sources (gazetteer material) has been linked or copyright text removed. We feel that gazetteer material has limited use as part of a parish history and text at both A Vision of Britain and British History Online claims copyright. We note that extensive use of such material exists in Surrey parish histories and in London and other counties. This seems to be an unresolved issue which has both removed the invitation to contribute parish history and creates a workload for others to remove copyright material.Chichgirl 20:50, 13 September 2011 (UTC)

The Sussex Online Parish Clerks (OPC) links have now been added for all places in the database to December 2011 and for many places the civil parish has been identified and the relevant Wikipedia list of places of worship link has been added although further revisions will become necessary in future. Pclerks 14:11, 6 December 2011 (UTC)