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This description is of historic interest, but is more than 100 years out-of-date.  The mining industry has disappeared, with the closure of the last mine in the 1990s.  Pilchard are no longer caught commercially, and the small farms are now being consolidated into larger farms.  There is no longer a system of "lease on three lives," and all the statistical data is no longer accurate.

Isn't that what is required on a genealogy site? People researching their family history are probably more interested in Cornwall 'as it was' that Cornwall as it is today?? bromaelor 18:27, 12 February 2009 (UTC)

Use of word county[edit source]

Why do Americans insist on putting County after the names of English counties?

In England we say Cornwall, Devon, Middlesex, Northumberland without the word county, the exception being County Durham. Old-fashioned terminology might use the County of xxx, but this sounds pompous to modern ears. An English county bears no relation to an American county. In terms of population some counties are nearly equivalent to US states, but as the English system of government is centralised as opposed to the US Federal system, they do not have the same powers.

I propose that all articles on English counties conform to modern practice and leave out the word county in the title.

This is a valid, and very important, comment! The general 'consensus' on other wikis tends to be that the original place of that name should get the priority when naming pages. So a page on the city of Chester in England would simply be called "Chester" while any other Chesters would need further detail e.g. "Chester, Nova Scotia"; "Chester, Ohio"; etc.. Do you agree with this? The same applies to counties, the county of Essex in England should be "Essex", whereas the county of Essex in New Jersey in the USA, should be "Essex, New Jersey" (or maybe "Essex County, New Jersey"!!! I notice that 'disambiguation' pages are now appearing on FSWiki which might help sort this problem out? The problem seems to be only on the "barn raising" (a phrase that is meaningless outside the USA!!!!) page which I've now changed. It does not occur on the actual articles. bromaelor 18:27, 12 February 2009 (UTC)