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Thanks, this article goes some way to answering questions that I have had for a while.

Can you also explain whether:

  • Is it important that the CID reference is embedded in a level 6 header?
  • Is it important the CID number is displayed?
  • If not could the CID number be included in comment tags for example <!-- CID ####### --> ?
    --Steve 22:05, 25 September 2009 (UTC)
It is vital that the CID number be input into the wiki as it now displays to allow Record Search to be able to link to the wiki article. About the only thing that can change is the header number. We selected no. 6 so it would be less noticeable.
Thank you for your reply. So it is important that the number is displayed on the face of the article. What other options were considered? Could the reference be included in a floating box to the right of the article title, in a similar way that some Wikipedia articles include geographical coordinates? Please note that I have added an item to the agenda for the next community meeting agenda (Tuesday October 6). It would be great if you could participate.
I can understand why the CID number is required and why it was meant to be less noticeable, but I feel that having it included in the table of contents, with a long entry, makes them more noticeable. Hopefully a compromise can be found, one that allows Record Search to link to the page, but also does not distract from the articles content. --Steve 15:31, 2 October 2009 (UTC)