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BELGIUM, Eernegem number of the roll: 1383163 images: from 1 up to 890 belong to Dudzele and not to Eernegem images: from 891 up to 959 belong to Eernegem (correct)

Please move. Kind regards, Géry

The following information comes from the periodical "Belgian Laces": Here is a website that will help you find villages or towns that may no longer exist on current Belgian maps: Notre Belgique
Under "Coin Lecture" you will find 4 choices:

Le Saviez-vous gives you a story behind the creation of Belgium's National Anthem, "La Brabançonne"

Vieux Métiers contains a short list of occupations (in French)

Dictionnaires offers 3 choices:

  • A 1802 Geographic Dictionary of all Departments in France (3 volumes in alphabetical order)
  • A Geographic dictionary of the 13 Departments in Belgium and East of the Rhein River (2 volumes)
  • A 1882 Belgian Geographic dictionary

They are expecting to add more books in the future. Nine are currently underway.

Bibliothèque - under Construction - will offer

  • Etymology
  • Toponymy
  • History of Belgium
  • Dictionary of localities