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Swedish Civil Records for Family History Research

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There are many records that were created by the Swedish Civil Authorities that will help you find your Swedish ancestors. These records are especially useful when the church records are insufficient.

As you search the Swedish civil records you will find the span of years varies record to record. This is due to laws, social developoment, the purpose of the record, and the preservation of the originals. Some records have different names in different parts of the country. Other records were created in duplicate for example: a local tax record was used to create a county tax record, which was used to create a national tax record. You will find the level of detail will vary depending on the version.

Although court records were created by a civil authority, they will be listed on the Swedish Judicial Records for Family History page.

Click this link for a printable chart showing Swedish civil jurisdiction structure.

Name of Record Jurisdiction Record Description
Auktionsprotokoll Kronofogdearkiv record of auctions
Avgjorda mål Länsstyrelse-Landskansli resolution of these instances
Avkortningslängder Länsstyrelse-Landskontor delayed taxes
Bötesredogörelser Kronofogdearkiv accounts of fines
Exekutiva auktioner Kronofogdearkiv auctions under executive authority
Femårsberättelser Kronofogdearkiv five yearly accounts
Fångvård Länsstyrelse-Landskansli records for correctional facilities
Generalmönsterrullor Länsstyrelse-Landskontor the general muster rolls
Gästgivari dagböcker Kronofogdearkiv record of people staying at the government inns
Gästgivari dagböcker Länsstyrelse-Landskansli record of people staying at the government inns
Jordeböcker Länsstyrelse-Landskontor the property tax
Jordrannsakningshandlingar Länsstyrelse-Landskontor property tax prep.
Kronohemman Kronofogdearkiv government owned farms
Kronouppbördsböcker Kronofogdearkiv tax collector records
Lösöre Kronofogdearkiv smaller moveable goods
Mantalslängder Fögderi-Häradsskrivare record of the mantals tax at the local level
Mantalslängder Kammarkollegium record of the mantals tax at the national level
Mantalslängder Länsstyrelse-Landskontor record of the mantals tax at the county level
Mantalsuppgifter Länsstyrelse-Landskontor (pre 1860) Tax registration slips
Markegångstaxor Länsstyrelse-Landskontor payment value record
Näringsstatistik Kronofogdearkiv records of trade
Passjournaler Länsstyrelse-Landskansli record of people who requested a civil travel pass
Resolutionsböcker Länsstyrelse-Landskansli record of decisions by the landskansliet
Restlängder Länsstyrelse-Landskontor taxes or fees paid out of normal order
Rusttjänstlängder Länsstyrelse-Landskontor those providing rusthåll support
Saköreslängder Kronofogdearkiv record of people fined
Skattläggningar Kronofogdearkiv tax assessments
Skattläggningshandlingar Länsstyrelse-Landskontor tax assessments
Soldattorp Kronofogdearkiv records about soldier farms
Supplikdiarierna Länsstyrelse-Landskansli record of requests, complaints, or grievances
Syneprotokoll för militärboställen Länsstyrelse-Landskontor inspections of military housing
Tiondelängder Länsstyrelse-Landskontor Tithing record
Uppbördslängder Länsstyrelse-Landskontor tax payments record
Vägar Kronofogdearkiv records of farmers providing road maintenance
Utmätningar Kronofogdearkiv extents due to distress

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