Stettin, Pomerania Genealogy

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Stettin[edit | edit source]

The city of Stettin, Pommern is currently in Poland and is now known as Szczecin.  It was a large city with many parishes.  In order to help patrons know which particular parish a person would have gone to, this register of Stettin was prepared for the purpose of determining parish jurisdictions. 

To use the register link above you must first determine where in Stettin your ancestor lived.  To do this you may check the FamilySearch Catalog  film number 477,248 for the years of 1931 and 1933.  For the year 1934, please check 477, 249.

When you find the street name and house number, look this address up in the register link above to determine which parish your ancestor would have attended.  Earlier years will be quite similar, but may vary somewhat from time to time.

The Family History Library has filmed some of the parish registers of Stettin as well as many civil registration records.  For time periods and parishes not listed on the FamilySearch Catalog, you may need to write to Poland for more information.

Here is a useful link to the Pommern Address book databank project.