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1. Gather papers together to find what's needed, and prevent loss.[edit | edit source]

-scattered papers-.jpg

2. Put pedigree charts, to-do lists, and results lists in one pile. Put family group records in another pile.[edit | edit source]

Papers behind pedigree.jpg
Papers behind fgr.jpg

3. Put your family group records in alphabetical order by name.[edit | edit source]

Alphabetical fgrs.jpg

4. Put the papers about each family behind their family chart.[edit | edit source]

Pile with family charts.jpg
Containers for papers.jpg

  • Put a person’s papers from before they are married behind their parents’ family chart.
  • After a person is married, put their papers behind the family chart where they appear as the husband and wife.
  • Keep your pedigree charts in one folder and your To Do lists and Results Lists in another.
  • You then can put the Pedigree Chart and associated papers for each family in a folder in alphabetical order by name.
  • The more papers you get, the bigger the container you will need.

5. Store your papers in a safe place.[edit | edit source]