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New Hampshire Town Records

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New Hampshire has many town historical societies, and a few town historians. I want to give emphasis to the town historical societies.
Benton, Josiah Henry. ''Warnings Out in New England, 1656–1817''. Boston, Massahusetts: W.B. Clarke, 1911. ({{FHL|283860|title-id|disp=Family History Library book 974 P4b; film 1598213 item 6}}.) This source provides information about the warnings-out process and its effect. It is indexed.
=== Town Historical Societies and Town Historians ===
In New England , town historians historical societies and town historical societies historians are an a very important source for town records. Most [[New Hampshire|New Hampshire]] towns have a town historical society or . Some also have a  town historian. They These organizations or persons may have many books and manuscripts that have never been published.  The Association of Historical Societies of New Hampshire has an [ online directory of local historical socieitessocieties]. The town historians and staff at the historical societies are those who , or town historians, probably know more about the townspeople and their records than anyone else. Since the historian changes historians change from time to time, the current one can be found by contacting contact the town historical society or town library and asking for the name of the ask if they currently have a town historian.
To locate specific information and records for each town, see the Locality Search of the Family History Library Catalog under:
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