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New Hampshire Town Records

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I added information about town historical societies as there may not be a town historian in that town. There are many local historical societies.
=== Town Historians ===
New England town historians and town historical societies are an important source for town records. Each Most [[New Hampshire|New Hampshire]] towns have a town has historical society or a  town historian who usually has . They may have many books and manuscripts that have never been published. These records contain information not found elsewhere The Association of Historical Societies of New Hampshire has an [ online directory of local historical socieites]. The town historians and staff at the historical societies are those who probably know more about the townspeople and their records than anyone else. Since the historian changes from time to time, the current one can be found by contacting the town librarian historical society or town library and asking for the name of the town historian.
To locate specific information and records for each town, see the Locality Search of the Family History Library Catalog under:
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