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|Tab-1=Creating a New Page
|URL-1=Help:Creating a new page
{| width="200" border="0" align="right" cellpadding="1" cellspacing="1"|-| [[Help:{Contributor Help|Return to Contributor Help]]|<br><br> }
=== Creating a New Page new page ===
:*[[Help:Name a new article|Basic Page Naming]]
:*[[Help:Record Type Template|Record Type Template]]
<br>  <br><br>[[Image:Watch a video.png|156x56px]]<br>
:*[ Creating a Wiki Article]
[[Image:Help-online classes.png|200x50px]]<br>
:*[ Searching for and Creating Articles]
<br><br> {{End tab
|Tab-1=Creating A New Page
|URL-1=Help:Creating a new page
|URL-3=Help:Renaming and redirecting pages
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