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17th Regiment, Tennessee Infantry

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* The information above is from Goodspeeds History of Tennessee, Vol 8.
 Comapny D (Captain Thomas H. Finch)
Company E ( Captain A. S. Marks)
Company I ( Captain James Engle)
The above information is from ''TheGoodspeed Histories'', Vol 6. === Other Sources ===
[[Beginning United States Civil War Research|Beginning United States Civil War Research]] gives steps for finding information about a Civil War soldier or sailor. It covers the major records that should be used. Additional records are described in&nbsp;'Tennessee in the Civil War' and 'United States Civil War, 1861 to 1865' (see below). <br>
*Lindsley, John B. ''The Military Annals of Tennessee: Confederate, First Series; Embracing a Review of Military Operations, with Regimental Histories and Memorial Rolls, Compiled from Original and Official Sources''. 1886. Reprint. Spartanburg, South Carolina: Reprint Co., 1974. (Family History Library book 976.8 M2L.) Digital versions at [ Ancestry] ($); <span id="fck_dom_range_temp_1296851229773_454" />[ Internet Archive].&nbsp;&nbsp;A brief history and memorial rolls of the 17th Tennessee Infantry begin on page 347.
*Tennesseans in the Civil War, [ 17th Tennessee Infantry Regiment], (accessed 29 Dec 2011).
*[ The Seventheeth Tennessee (Confederate) Regiment], a brief history, (accessed 29 Dec 2011).
=== References ===

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