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9th Regiment, Tennessee Cavalry (Ward's)

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Men often enlisted in a company recruited in the counties where they lived though not always. After many battles, companies might be combined because so many men were killed or wounded. However if you are unsure which company your ancestor was in, try the company recruited in his county first.
*Company A - Captain Micajah Griffin - Men from [[Sumner_CountySumner County,_TennesseeTennessee|Sumner County]].*Company B - Captain William P. Simmons, Thomas E.S. Russwurm - Men from [[Sumner_CountySumner County,_TennesseeTennessee|Sumner]] and [[Trousdale_CountyTrousdale County,_TennesseeTennessee|Trousdale]] Counties.*Company   - Captain John D. Kilpatrick *Company E - Captain Alex W. Rowe - Men from [[Sumner_CountySumner County,_TennesseeTennessee|Sumner]] or [[Trousdale_CountyTrousdale County,_TennesseeTennessee|Trousdale County]].*Company F - Captain A.E. Bell, W.J. Dyer - Men from [[Sumner_CountySumner County,_TennesseeTennessee|Sumner County]].*Company C - Captain Charles E. Cossett - Men from [[Sumner_CountySumner County,_TennesseeTennessee|Sumner]] and [[Smith_CountySmith County,_TennesseeTennessee|Smith]] Counties.*Company H - Captain John W. Wiseman - Men from [[Sumner_CountySumner County,_TennesseeTennessee|Sumner]], [[Trousdale_CountyTrousdale County,_TennesseeTennessee|Trousdale]] and [[Wilson_CountyWilson County,_TennesseeTennessee|Wilson]] Counties.
Two other companies were attached to the regiment in December, when changes were made.These had formerly served in Douglass' Battalion, Partisan Rangers, and were:
These had formerly served in Douglass' Battalion*Company I - Captain Felix H. Blackman - Men from [[Davidson County, Partisan RangersTennessee|Davidson County]]. *Company K - Captain J. Richard McCann, Duke Cox - Men from Middle Tennessee, mostly [[Davidson County, Tennessee|Davidson]] and were:[[Rutherford County, Tennessee|Rutherford]] Counties.
Company I - Captain Felix H. Blackman - Men from [[Davidson_County,_Tennessee|Davidson County]]. Company K - Captain J. Richard McCann, Duke Cox - Men from Middle Tennessee, mostly [[Davidson_County,_Tennessee|Davidson]] and [[Rutherford_County,_Tennessee|Rutherford]] Counties.   The information about the companies is from [ Tennesseans in the Civil War], (accessed 19 Nov 2011). <br>

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