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9th Regiment, Tennessee Cavalry (Ward's)

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=== Brief History ===
This "Also called 13th Tennessee Cavalry Regiment: 15 Tennessee Cavalry Regiment. &nbsp;Organized as a battalion September 1, 1862; increased to a regiment was organized and mustered November 24, 1862; most men captured on Morgan's raid into Confederate service at Camp Maury, near Nashville, Tennessee, Ohio in 1863; remainder served in December1st Kentucky Cavalry Battalion, 1861. It surrendered with the Army of TennesseeDuke's Brigade. "<ref>National Park Service, Tennesseans in the Civil War [http://www.itdtngenweb.nps.govorg/civilwar/cwsscsacav/ The Civil War Soldiers and Sailors Systemcsa9cav.html 9th Tennessee Cavalry Regiment], (accessed 6 December 201019 Nov 2011).</ref>
=== Companies in this Regiment with the Counties of Origin ===

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