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Osceola, Lewis County, New York Genealogy

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==== Archives, Libraries and Museums ====
[ '''Williamstown Library'''<br>2877 County Route 17N<br>Williamstown, New York 13493<br>Phone: 315-964-2802
==== Societies ====
==== Town Clerk ====
'''Osceola Town Clerk'''<br>42 Ryan Road<br>Williamstown, New York 13493<br>Phone: 315-599-7776
==== Town Historian ====
'''Osceola Town Historian'''<br>289 Barker Road<br>Camden, New York 13316<br>Phone: 315-599-7344
Collection includes some census records, family files, family bible records, photographic collection of most all gravestones in the Osceola Town cemeteries.
=== Vital Records ===
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