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Austria Beginners Corner What's the Next Step?

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=== Austria  Beginners Corner What's the Next Step? ===
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==== Before doing  family history research in Austria, you will need to find: ====
===== Determine the place of origin =====
In Austria, most records used in family history research are kept on a town or parish level. Therefore the exact town of origin must be known before research can begin. Most of the time, the place  of origin in Austria is found in sources created in the country of immigration. These records should be searched for the ancestor, possible relatives, and other associated persons. Austrian place names may often be mispelled in American sources. Difficult names were shortened and diacritic marks ommitted. A gazetter, which is defined as a geographical dictionary, is an essential tool for identifying places. Look up your place name in the gazetteer to be sure that it is spelled correctly. A wonderul gazetteer is found online on [].
As mentioned earlier, Austrian place names are often mispelled in American sources. If you still cannot determine correct spelling of your locality even after you searched the gazetteers and the Internet, please post your query on FamilySearch Forums and one of our research consultants will be happy to evaluate your research problem.
===== Determine the religion of an ancestor =====
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