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=== Genealogy ===
The Community Trees Project is an effort to gather, compile, and publish the genealogies of a given locality.  Localities can be anywhere in the world and can be of varying sizes. The [ Community Trees ]for Sør-Aurdal Clerical District are posted on the Internet. This collection was created from lineage-linked genealogies taken from the 4 volumes of the ''bygdebok'' (farm books) for the clerical district, the 1865 and 1900 Norway Census data, and parish register data available from FamilySearch.  The database contains 50,980 individuals and 16,661 marriages with 90% of the database in one huge interconnected community tree. Other individuals and marriages are in other trees also in this database.   Community Trees are available for other localities in Norway.  To view a list of available Community Trees, [ click here].
=== Land Records ===
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