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=== Introduction ===
Spanish civil registration records (births, marriages, and deaths) began in 1871. Spain does have a national index or central repository for civil registration ([ Ministerio de Justicia]). Researchers can solicit the [ Ministerio de Justicia] online for copies of certificates. Requests must have: name of deceased, date when event ocurred (birth, marriage, or death), and where the event occured. Parent's names will also be required when asking for a birth certificate.
Births, marriages, and deaths were recorded by the local ''Juzgado de la Paz'', or ''Oficinia del'' ''Registro'' ''Civil''. The records are still housed in each municipality in their local municpal archives, ''Juzgado de la Paz'' or ''Oficina del Registro Civil ''should be contacted if a certificate copy request to the Ministerio de Justicia fails.
Some ''municipios'' may have civil registration records beginning as early as 1837. These births, marriages, and deaths are normally found in the municipal archive. Some of them have been microfilmed and/or digitized by FamilySearch. The following cities/municipios are available for browsing on [] see the [ Spain Municipal Records] collection.
*Carmona, Sevilla
*Jerez de la Frontera, Cadiz
*Granada City, Granada
*Málaga City, Málaga
*Vic, Barcelona
*...and dozens of others - check the online collection for additional information.
Spanish civil registration birth records are among the richest genealogical records in the world. Birth records typically provide the following information:
*Place and date of child's birth (often times they provide the exact time of birth)<br>
*Full name, profession and place of birth of the child's father
*Full name and place of birth of the child's mother
Marriage records are also very valuable in Spanish genealogical research. Marriage records provide the following information:
*Date when the marriage occurred<br>
*Full names, marital status (single or widowed) and places of birth for both the bride and groom
*Full names, and places of birth for the parents of the bride and groom
couples usually married in the home town of the bride (if the family still lived there).
=== Deaths ===
**This site will allow you to order a birth, marriage, or death certificate from any municipality in the Basque Country (provinces of Alava, Guipuzcoa, and Vizcaya) for free.<br>
**The Archive Directory (Directorio de Archivos) will allow you to search for nearly any archive in Spain. Each archive entry will give you an inventory of the records in that archive as well as the archive's contact information.<br>
=== FamilySearch Historical Record Collections<br> === An online collection containing this&nbsp;record is located in [] A wiki article describing this collecion is found at:
[[Spain Municipal Records (FamilySearch Historical Records)]]
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