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We invite you to add whatever you know about the records of the regiments in which you are interested. Working together, we can all benefit from the knowledge of community members on the Wiki.
If you have questions, or need some guidance on what to add or how to do so, feel free to contact the project leader or other team members.
[ Marilyn Markham], Project Leader
=== Current Tasks needing volunteers: ===
* Add web sites about a regiment to the appropriate regiment page with explanation of what can be found on the sites.<br>
* Add books about a regiment to the appropriate regiment page with explanations of what can be found in the books.<br>
* Add images of a regiment, a regiment memorial or regiment monument to the appropriate regiment page.<br>
* Add a list of the companies in a regiment with the county where most men enlisted into a company.
* Add the regiments and companies to the appropriate counties.
=== Project Scope ===
The major goal is to link each company to the county or counties where most of the soldiers were recruited. Soldiers generally joined the service in the county where they lived. This can help determine the identity of any soldier, even a John Smith.
A second goal is to add sources, (books, films, and Internet sites) to each regiment and state page, so people can quickly find and use the sources.
A third goal is to put a list of the regiments recruited in a county on the county page with links to the regiment pages.
=== Templates Code Result ===
=== Userboxes ===
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