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Superintendencies of Indian Affairs

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A Superintendent of Indian Affairs was an administrator, communicating and overseeing the agents who worked directly with individual tribes. It was the responsibility of the superintendent to see that the agents were following official government policy. Records for Superintendencies exist in the [[National Archives and Records Administration|National Archives]] and copies of many of them are also available in other research facilities.
===== Superintendent of Indian Trade, =====
====Records ====
Arkansas Trading House, 1805-1810. M142. Letter Book {{FHL|276065|item}}, film: 1025157
Choctaw Trading House , 1803-1824. T500. {{FHL|276330|item}}, film: 1025085-1025090 Creek Trading House, 1795-1816. M4. Letter Book {{FHL|Film: 1024433}}
Creek Factory of the Office of Indian Trade, 1795-1821. M1334.{{FHL|Film: 1605523}} (first film of thirteen) Natchitoches Sulphur Fork Factory, 1809-1821 . T1029. {{FHL|276307|item}}, film: 1025158
== The Superintendencies, Listed Alphabetically ==
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