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* List the parishes in each diocese, so you can determine if your ancestor’s village had an established parish. It may also indicate if the village had a chapel but was not yet a parish.
* Sometimes provide the earliest dates for which the church records of each parish exist.
* May include historical information about each parish.
* Usually group parishes by diocese, so you can easily determine all neighboring parishes.
* Sometimes provide addresses of parishes, the diocese headquarters, and the diocese archives where additional records may be kept.
To determine which Roman Catholic diocese has jurisdiction over the parish in which your ancestor lived, use:
* ''Directorio Eclesiástico de Toda la República Mexicana''(Ecclesiastial Directory to the Republic of México). Mexico City: Arquidiócesis de México, 1995. 2 vols. (FHL book 972 K24i 1995.)
For detailed information on the Archdiocese of Mexico, which includes all of the Federal District, use:
* ''Directorio Eclesiástico de la Arquidiócesis Primada de México''(Ecclesiastial Directory of the First Archdiocese of Mexico). Mexico City: Arquidiócesis de México, 1994. (FHL book 972 K24i 1994.)


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