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''[[Canada|Canada]] &gt; [[Image:Gotoarrow.png]] [[Manitoba|Manitoba]] &gt; [[Image:Gotoarrow.png]] Manitoba Archives and Libraries''<br>
=== National Archives and Libraries ===
Archives and libraries that may be useful in research in [[Portal:Manitoba|Manitoba]] include:
'''Personnel Records Unit'''<br>Researcher Services Division<br>National Archives of Canada<br>395 Wellington Street<br>Ottawa, Ontario K1A 0N3<br>CANADA
=== Provincial Archives and Libraries ===
'''Crown Lands Registry'''<br>Department of Natural Resources<br>1495 St. James Street<br>Winnipeg, MB K3H 0W9<br>CANADA <br>Internet:
'''Vital Statistics'''<br>Manitoba Community Services<br>104 - 401 York Avenue<br>Winnipeg, MB R3C 0P8<br>CANADA <br>Internet:
=== Other Archives and Libraries ===
'''Family History Library'''<br>35 N. West Temple Street<br>Salt Lake City, UT 84150-3400<br>USA <br>Internet: []


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