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{{FamilySearch Collectionbreadcrumb|CIDlink1=CID1910364[[United States Genealogy|United States]]|titlelink2=| link3=| link4=Washington State County Records, 1854-1975|locationlink5=[[Washington, United StatesGenealogy|Washington]]|scheduled=}}<br>
{{US State HR Infobox| CID =CID1910364 | title = Collection Time Period Washington, County Records, 1803-2010| location =Washington| LOC_01 = Washington| LOC_02 =This collection contains records for the years 1854 to 1975| LOC_02_type = | LOC_03 =| loc_map =| state_loc_map = US Locator Washington.png| State_flag = Washington flag.png| record_type = County| start_year =1803| end_year = Record Description 2010| FS_URL_01 =[[GuidedResearch:Washington|Washington Guided Research]]| FS_URL_02 =[[Washington Record Finder]]| FS_URL_03 = [[Washington Research Tips and Strategies|Research Tips and Strategies]]The records in this collection are digital images of county records at the | FS_URL_04 = Step-by-Step Research: [[Step-by-Step Washington State ArchivesResearch, Puget Sound Regional Branch, Bellevue1850-1907|1850-1907]] | [[Step-by-Step Washington Research, 1907--Present|1907-Present]]| FS_URL_05 = [[Washington. They collection includes the following types of records along with some indexes:Vital Records]]| FS_URL_06 = [[Washington Land and Property]]*Land | FS_URL_07 = [[Washington Probate Records]]*School | FS_URL_08 = [[Washington Military Records]]| FS_URL_09 = [[FamilySearch Catalog]]| FS_URL_10 =*Probate Records| FS_URL_11 = | FS_URL_12 = | FS_URL_13 = | FS_URL_14 = | FS_URL_15 = *Wills| RW_URL_01 = [ Washington State Archives] *Citizenship Records| RW_URL_02 = [ Washington Courts]*Military Records| RW_URL_03 =| RW_URL_04 =| RW_URL_05 =| RW_URL_06 =| RW_URL_07 = Record Content | RW_URL_08 =| RW_URL_09 =| RW_URL_10 =| custodian = State Archives, Puget Sound Regional Branch, Bellevue, WashingtonThe records generally include the following information: }}
== What is in This Collection? ==
The collection consists of various records including official actions, probate records, indexes, etc. The records are from various counties in Washington State, from 1803 to 2010. a
The Washington State Archives maintains the state and local records considered to be permanently valuable. The individual records were made to establish legal rights and to help track the population for health and taxation purposes. The state collection was created to insure that the records are retained and archived properly. The information is generally reliable, but depends upon the reliability of the informant. Some transcription errors may have occurred.
=== Image Visibility ===
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=== To Browse This Collection ===
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== What Can These Records Tell Me? ==
The following information may be found in these records:
*Date of the event, transaction, or recording with the county
*Names of individual, witnesses, family members, and sometimes neighbors
*Signature or mark
*Legal descriptions of land
*Amount of money exchanged as part of business transactions. }}== Collection Content ==== How to Use the Record =Coverage Table ===The records To see which counties are included in this the collection are arranged by , the type of record , and then by datethe years covered see: [[Coverage Table for Washington, County Records, 1803-2010]]=== Sample Images ===<gallery>Image:Washington State County Records (11-0002) Deed DGS 4700010 3.jpg|DeedImage:Washington State County Records (11-0002) Probate DGS 4734397 51. To begin jpg|Probate Record</gallery>== How Do I Search This Collection? == Before searching these records you need this collection, it is helpful to know the following: *The type Name of event. *The place where the event occurred. person *The approximate location or date of the event occurred. *The name of === View the individual or individuals such as the names of the soldier, the deceasedImages ==={{View_Images_Link| CID = 1911752| browse_1 = County| browse_2 = Record type, year range and volume number or grantor and grantees. letter| browse_3 = | browse_4 = }}=== How Do I Analyze the Results? ===Compare the information you find in the records to each result from your search with what you already know about your ancestors to determine which record if there is about your ancestora match. You This may need to compare the information require viewing multiple records or images. Keep track of more than one person to make this determinationyour research in a [[Use_Appropriate_Forms#Prepare_a_Research_Log | research log]]. == What Do I Do Next? ==NextWhenever possible, carefully evaluate each piece of view the original records to verify the information and to find additional information giventhat might not be reported. These pieces of information may give you new biographical details that can lead you to other additional records about your ancestors. Add this new information to your records of each and familymembers. === I Found the Person I Was Looking For example: , What Now? ===*Use the age information to calculate a search for birth date. , baptism, marriage, and death records *Use the namesinformation found in the record to find land, ages and residence church property and census probate records. *Occupations listed can lead you Use the information found in the record to employment records or other types of records such as military records. find additional family members in the censuses*The name of the officiator at a christeningRepeat this process with additional family members found, marriage, or burial may be a clue to their religion or area find more generations of residence in the county. family=== I Can’t Find the Person I’m Looking For, What Now? === *Compile the If your ancestor does not have a common name, collect entries for every person who has the same surname as the bride or groom, this is especially helpful in rural areas or if the surname is unusual. *Continue to search the records to identify children, siblings, parents, and other relatives who may have been born, married, or died in the same county or nearby. This list can help you identify other generations of your family or even the second marriage of a parent. Repeat this process for each new generation you identify. find possible relatives*When looking for a person who had a common name, look at all the entries for the name before deciding which is correct. Keep in mind: *The information If you cannot locate your ancestor in the records is usually reliable, but depends upon the reliability of the informant. *Earlier records may not contain as much information. *There is also some variation locality in the information given from one record to another record. If you are unable to find the ancestors which you are looking forbelieve they lived, then try the following: searching a nearby locality*Check for variant Try different spellings of the surnames. your ancestor’s name*Search the indexes and records of individual counties and nearby statesRemember that sometimes individuals went by [ == Record History ==The Washington State Archives maintains the state html nicknames] or alternated between using first and local records considered to be permanently valuable. middle names=== Why this Record Was Created Research Helps === The individual records were made to establish legal rights and to following articles will help track you in your research for your family in the population for health and taxation purposes. The state collection was created to insure that the records are retained and archived properly. === Record Reliability === The information is generally reliableof [[Washington, but depends upon the reliability of the informant. Some transcription errors may have occurredUnited States Genealogy|Washington]]== Related Websites == * [[GuidedResearch:Washington|Washington State Archives == Related Wiki Articles ==Guided Research]]* [[Washington Vital RecordsRecord Finder]]  * [[Washington Land Research Tips and PropertyStrategies|Research Tips and Strategies]]  * Step-by-Step Research: [[Step-by-Step Washington Probate RecordsResearch, 1850-1907|1850-1907]]  &#124; [[Step-by-Step Washington Military RecordsResearch, 1907--Present|1907-Present]] == Known Issues =={{HR KI}}== Citing This Collection ==Citations help you keep track of places you have searched and sources you have found. Identifying your sources helps others find the records you used.{{Collection_Published}}{{Image_Citation}}== Contributions How Can I Contribute to This Article =the FamilySearch Wiki? == 
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== Sources of Information for This Collection ==
“Washington State County Records, 1854-1975,” database, FamilySearch (; from the Washington State Archives, Puget Sound Regional Branch, Bellevue, Washington. FHL digital images, 25,900 pages, Family History Library Salt Lake City, Utah.
== Citing FamilySearch Historical Collections ==
When you copy information from a record, you should also list where you found the information. This will help you or others to find the record again. It is also good to keep track of records where you did not find information, including the names of the people you looked for in the records.
A suggested format for citing FamilySearch Historical Collections, including how to cite individual archives is found in the following link: [[How to Cite FamilySearch Collections| How to Cite FamilySearch Collections]]
====Examples of Source Citations for a Record in This Collection ====
• United States. Bureau of the Census. 12th census, 1900, digital images, From FamilySearch Internet ( September 29, 2006), Arizona Territory, Maricopa, Township 1, East Gila, Salt River Base and Meridian; sheet 9B, line 71
• Mexico, Distrito Federal, Catholic Church Records, 1886-1933, digital images, from FamilySearch Internet ( April 22, 2010), Baptism of Adolfo Fernandez Jimenez, 1 Feb. 1910, San Pedro Apóstol, Cuahimalpa, Distrito Federal, Mexico, film number 0227023
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