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This is a list of '''frequently asked questions''' about using and contributing to FamilySearch Research Wiki. If your question is not answered on this page, use the search box above or browse [[FamilySearch Wiki:FAQ Index|the various FAQ pages]]
=== How do I create a new page? ===:You are required to have a FamilySearch account to create a new article - [[How to Register with the Wiki|learn how to register]].:For creating a new article see [[How to Create an Article on FamilySearch Wiki]].
=== Why has my article been deleted? ===:The best way Before being able to find out create a new page, it is to look at the required that you have a FamilySearch account. For help creating your account, ''see:'' [[SpecialHelp:Log/deleteHow to Register with the Wiki|deletion log"Learn How to Register"]] for reasons (type the .:For assistance with creating a new page, ''exactsee:'' name of the article in the Title box, including the capitalization you used)[[How to Create an Article on FamilySearch Wiki|"How to Create an Article on FamilySearch Wiki"]].
=== How do I change the name of an Why has my articlebeen deleted? ===:You [[Help:Moving a page|move]] the article using the ''Move'' option (found beneath ''Edit'' and ''History'').
=== How do I change my username:The find out why an article has been removed is by viewing the [[Special:Log/delete my account ===|''deletion log'']]. Here you find the information regarding why the decision (and action) was made to delete it.:**'''NOTE:''' Enter the '''''exact''''' ''name of the article'' in the ''Title'' box, '''''including''''' the ''capitalization'' that was used.'''**'''
=== How do I cite FamilySearch Wikichange the name of an article? ===When using the ''Visual Editor'', on the editing toolbar (located at the top of the editing page), ''select:'' '''Page''' '''Options''' > '''Advanced Settings'''. Here you will find the option to change the Article's Title.
=== Who wrote article X on FamilySearch Wiki'''How do I change my Username or delete my account? '''===In order to delete an unwanted account, you may send an e-mail to, with '''Subject: Request for Account Deletion'''. Please, be sure to include ''your name'' ''and the Username of the account'' to be removed. You may also call [ FamilySearch Support] for help, (''see:'' 113123).
=== Who owns How do I cite FamilySearch Wikias a source? ===A Help page dedicated to this subject will (hopefully) be available soon.
=== Why am I having trouble logging inWho wrote article [X] on FamilySearch Wiki? ===
Seldom, is an article on the Wiki, the product of one person. An individual person may have gotten the idea and started the article, but other contributors join in to make changes to the original, by adding to or submitting changes, to the content in an effort to improve the information the article provides. Each article page contains a series of links located in the top-right corner, below the title that read: (View | Edit | Edit Source | History) This is the ''Article Menu''. To find all of the Users who contributed to a specific article: # Select the '''History''' link from the page of the article. This will bring you to a page with search options, along with a list of Users.#This list consists of all users who have made any edits / changes to the article since the page's creation. They are listed from ''most recent to oldest.''#For article pages that have had many changes made to it, select the link showing the largest number at the bottom of the page. Once this link is selected, scroll to the last username shown on the page; this will be the page creator. #**Optionally, you may also select the link titled "oldest", found in the navigation menu. This will then order the list of user edits from oldest to most recent.#Each individual entry in the list, allows you several options for viewing the article's history. Read the description seen above the Edit History list, for instructions as to how each selection works.  ===Who owns FamilySearch Wiki?=== ===Why am I having trouble logging in?=== [[Category:FamilySearch Wiki FAQ|FAQLesson Archives]]
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