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=== Using Maps ===
Use maps carefully for the following reasons:
* Often several places have the same name. For example, there were more than 800 towns called Aecahpoba (Aleksandrovka) in the Russian Empire.
* The spelling and even the names of some towns may have changed. This is particularly true of eastern European countries whose boundaries have changed. For example, the town presently known as Zagreb in Croatia was called Agram before the Austrian Empire was dissolved.
=== Finding the Specific Place on the Map ===
To do successful genealogical research, you must identify the place where your ancestor lived. Because many localities have the same name, you may need some additional information before you can find the correct place on a map. Search gazetteers, histories, family records, and other sources to learn all you can about:
=== Finding Maps and Atlases ===
Collections of maps and atlases are available at historical societies, county record offices, libraries, and on the Internet. The Family History Library has a good collection of maps and atlases for most countries of the world. Check for these records in the Family History Library Catalog.


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