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Ohio in the Civil War

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===== Internet Sites =====
*[ Civil War Soldiers &amp; Sailors System] has the information listed above and may have additional historical information.&nbsp;Searches can be made by name of a soldier or sailor. Information about cemeteries battles, prisoners, medals of honor and national parks is also included. *[ Ohio in the Civil War] by Larry Stevens, includes brief histories of the regiments, bibliographies of regiments, and often lists of companies with their counties. <br> *[ Ohio Civil War Genealogy Center], by The Ohio Genealogical Society, has a search for names of Union Soldiers in Ohio Units, a search for the surname in the ''Ohio Civil War Genealogy Journal'', and&nbsp;a search of the index of the Society of Civil War Families of Ohio Roster. The roster uses the same data as the Civil War Soldiers &amp; Sailors System, but has a much more flexible search engine. *[ The Civil War] is an online encyclopedia of Ohio history. 
*[ Bibliographies of Ohio Civil War Units] lists by type of unit, then by regiment books, Internet sites, etc. about the Regiment.
*[ Ohio History Central], by the Ohio Historical Society, an online encyclopedia of Ohio history.
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