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Sherbrooke County, Quebec Genealogy

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''[[Canada]]  [[Image:Gotoarrow.png]]  [[Quebec]]  [[Image:Gotoarrow.png]]  [[Sherbrooke_County,_Quebec|Sherbrooke County]]''
=== Getting Started &nbsp;&nbsp; === 1.&nbsp; What information do you wish to locate about your ancestor?&nbsp;&nbsp;To choose the sources you need to search first, please click on&nbsp;&nbsp;[ RECORD&nbsp;SELECTION&nbsp;TABLE:&nbsp;Quebec ], which will help you decide.  2.&nbsp; From the above Record Selection Table, which sources do you wish to check in this county?&nbsp; To check the availability of your sources of interest as well as to check the&nbsp;websites that have them online, please click on&nbsp;this county's [ SOURCES LINKS TABLE]&nbsp;&nbsp;.&nbsp;<br> 3.&nbsp; Do you know the location that you wish to search in this county?&nbsp;&nbsp;If so, please check for some possible sources and some online information about your location of interest, by clicking on&nbsp; this county's [ POPULATED&nbsp;PLACES&nbsp;TABLE]&nbsp;.<br> 4.&nbsp;&nbsp;For further information regarding&nbsp;your sources of interest, '''see "4 Resources"&nbsp;ABOVE in the "CONTENTS" table '''and click on the source of interest.  Remember that you should always try to get an original copy of that source to verify information.&nbsp;  Please&nbsp;be aware&nbsp;that this is a growing Pilot program, with new information being added on a regular basis.'''<br>''' '''NOTE''':&nbsp; If you would like to participate in contributing information into this WIKI&nbsp;program, please go to the "Create a New Page" section of this screen, and follow the guidelines.<br> '''WELCOME&nbsp;ABOARD!&nbsp; More&nbsp;sharers of information&nbsp;= more information available for everyone!'''
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