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=== Brief History ===
Joseph H. Crute, Jr.'s book, "Units of the Confederate States Army", contains no history for this unit. This regiment’s name is most likely a shorter or longer version of one of the other regiments; or it may have existed only a short time when it was transferred into another regiment or was combined with another regiment to create a new regiment. Looking at the service records of the soldiers may give clues to the different regiments they may have served in.<br>
Men often enlisted in&nbsp; a company recruited in the counties where they lived&nbsp;though not always.&nbsp;After many battles,&nbsp;companies might&nbsp;be combined because so many men were killed or wounded.&nbsp; However if you are unsure which company your ancestor&nbsp; was in, try the company recruited in his county first.
=== Source Material ===
[ South Carolina Reserve and Miscellaneous Units&nbsp;in the War of the Rebellion], Internet site, accessed 11/23/2010.&nbsp; This site gives two possible unit connections:
:*1st Mounted Militia Regiment (Field Officer: Colonel William E. Martin)
:*Percival's 1st Mounted Regiment of South Carolina State Troops (Officer: Captain K.F. Percival):&nbsp; Organized at Aiken; company enlisted under local State law; departed Aiken on 25 November 1861; Port Royal; disbanded in February 1862; a second company formed in 1864, equipped with breech-loading carbines; participated in the cavalry action at Aiken on 12 February 1865


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