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Effingham County, Illinois Genealogy

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*[ Find A Grave] can be searched by the name of a person or family to find where a person is buried.  Usually gives birth and death dates often with a picture of the tombstone.  May give obituaries, names of family members and links to their information in Find A Grave.
*Find A Grave also gives a [ list of cemeteries in Effingham County] and links to the  information for the individuals buried there,.
*[ Effingham Co. IL USGenWeb Tombstone Project] usually gives the names of the deceased in alphabetical order by last name with birth and death dates plus any remarks. 
*[ Illinois Cemeteries] by county.
*The [ Family History Library Catalog] lists [*,0,0 some records of cemeteries in Effingham County].  Some of the books or others may be on [ Google Books] or available at public libraries.
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