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<FONT size="6"><b>Welcome to the Ogden FamilySearch Center. <br> <FONT size="4.9"></b>Website is Under Construction You May Notice Changes.<br> We are temporarily closed, but we have [ <u>online classes</u>] and [ 1FAIpQLSejQRCUsuyfomkKQ2bLBDu1bV3vVQ3o4ukylQtTwPoX8YKaGg/viewform <u>virtual assistance</u>]to help you with your family history work. Browse through the offerings below and join us in a virtual class, get personal assistance, and find activities for your families, ward and stake youth groups. We look forward to being open again soon and able to help you with all of your family history needs. </FONT>
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! style="vertical-align:top;" |[[File:Lehi_get_help.jpg|center|350px|link= |Get Help]]
| style="text-align:center; font-size:12.5pt" |<b>Get Help - Online Consulting</b><br>Call us at (801)626-1132, [ email us],<br>or fill out our [ 1FAIpQLSejQRCUsuyfomkKQ2bLBDu1bV3vVQ3o4ukylQtTwPoX8YKaGg/viewform online form].
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