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The men were from the counties of [[Frederick County, Virginia|Frederick]], [[Berkeley_County,_West_Virginia|Berkeley]], [[Rockbridge_County,_Virginia|Rockbridge]], [[Clarke_County,_Virginia|Clarke]], [[Washington_County,_Virginia|Washington]], [[Augusta_County,_Virginia|Augusta]], [[Jefferson_County,_West_Virginia|Jefferson]], [[Amelia_County,_Virginia|Amelia]], [[Loudoun_County,_Virginia|Loudoun]], [[Rockingham_County,_Virginia|Rockingham]], and [[Gloucester_County,_Virginia|Gloucester]].
[ Companies and captains]:<br>:Company A - Newtown Light Dragoons: Captain J. H. Drake:Company B - Berkeley Troop: Captain J. B. Hoge:Company C - Rockbridge Dragoons No.1: Captain M. X. White, Jr.:Company D - Clarke Cavalry: Captain J. F. Hardesty:Company E - Valley Rangers: Captain W. Patrick:Company F - Shepherdstown Troop: Captain W. A. Morgan:Company G - Amelia Light Dragoons: Captain C. R. Irving:Company H - Loudoun Light Horse: Captain R. W. Carter:Company I - Harrisonburg Cavalry: Captain T. L. Yancey:Company K - Rockingham Cavalry or River Rangers: Captain E. S. Yancey:Company L - (1st) Washington Mounted Rifles: Captain William E. Jones:Company L - (2nd) Gloucester Light Dragoons: Captain J. W. Puller:Company M - Howard Dragoons: Captain G. R. Gaither, JR.:Company N - Natchez Cavalry or Adams Troop: Captain W. T. Martin:Company O - Sumter Mounted Guards: Captain W. M. Stone
[ Regiment surname lists]
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