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*The next notations come from the tithing records.
*Data from tax and military rolls appear last.
The National Archives of Finland has placed color images of this collection [ online]. A printed guide, ''Suomen Asutuksen Yleisluettelon Opas / Generalregisteret över bosättningen i Finland : En handledning'' in Finnish and Swedish was published by the National Archives in 1975 and is available to download as a [ PDF file]. A print copy is also available at the Family History Library, [ FHL book 948.97 A35v no.7 1975].
You can examine the information given in SAY and possibly identify additional information by looking in the original Old and New Collections of Accounts for the given time period and county.
The following publication is A keyword search in the FamilySearch catalog for for [ Suomen asutuksen yleisluettelo] will return a guide to SAYlist of all available titles. It is written in Finnish and Swedish:  
*''Suomen asutuksen yleisluettelon opas: Generalregistret över bosättningen i Finland, en handledningen'' (The General Register of the Settlement in Finland: A Guide). Helsinki: Valtion painatuskeskus, 1975. [ (FHL book 948.97 A35v no.7 1975)]
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