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=== Suomen asutuksen yleisluettelo (SAY) ===
To make genealogical information from the earliest written sources in Finland accessible, a project was undertaken that has become known as [ ''Suomen asutuksen yleisluettelo'' /''Generalregistret över bosättningen i Finland '' (SAY)] (The General Register of Settlement in Finland).
This register does not include all of Finland, but it does include most of southwestern Finland. It was compiled over several decades by various people; consequently, the format has varied somewhat over time.
The original SAY register was written in different colors of ink, each color representing an original source from the Old and New Collections of Accounts. The microfilm copy, however, is black and white; therefore, it may be difficult to identify what source the information came from. To overcome this, it is useful to know that the register follows a general pattern:
*The first notations on the page are generally from land records. In the registers that cover 1634 on, the information from the ''henkikirjat'' / ''mantalslängder '' is entered under the land records.
*The next notations come from the tithing records.
*Data from tax and military rolls appear last.
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