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== Bradford’s History “Of Plimouth Plantation.” Passengers of the Mayflower''' (Original Spelling and Punctuation) ==
''Below is a transcription of the '''original list of passengers on the Mayflower ''' as found in the source:'' [ Bradford's history "of Plimoth Plantation" : from the original manuscript with a report of the proceedings incident to the return of the manuscript to Massachusetts. Boston,Massachusetts: Wright & Potter, 1898. Appendix No. 1 Passengers of the Mayflowers pp. 531-539.] FHL 974.482/P3 H2b<br>
'''The names of those which came over first, in ye year 1620. and were by the blessing of God the first beginers and (in a sort) the foundation of all the Plantations and Colonies in New England; and their families.''' <br>
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