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*'''Parking:'''<ref name="Hou">[ Hours {{amp}} Directions] in ''Pritzker Military Museum and Library'' (accessed 13 April 2015).</ref> Closest garages are Millennium Park Garage, Grant Park North Garage, and Grant Park South Garage. Ask the Library Assistant on the main level for a validation.
*'''Public transportation:&nbsp;'''<ref name="Hou" /> [httphttps://wwwrtachicago.transitchicago.comorg/sites/default/assetsfiles/1documents/brochuresplanyourtrip/RTA_SysMapRTA-System-Map.pdf CTA] has many stops on the downtown loop within three blocks the Pretzker Library. There are [ bus and train stops], and [ L train stops], and [ Metra stations].
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